To say we are excited to host Lou Barlow at our home in Nashville would be an understatement. We are stoked! :)

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My most formidable years were spent listening to Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr. "Bakesale" and "You're Living All Over Me" were often on repeat.

I first met Lou when I was working at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco close to 20 years ago. I was giddy and a bit full of myself so I filmed him throughout the night and made friends. He was super cool and we all had a great evening. I mentioned I had been searching for Bakesale (back then, you didn't just type it into Amazon, you actually went to record stores and looked for vinyl you loved) and he ended up sending me that along with several other Sebadoh records. It was a really cool gesture and solidified his radness in my eyes.

Recently I pulled out all my old footage. Waterworks.


No telling what all is on those tapes but it prompted me to look up my old favorite who happened to be touring. I sent him a message and the rest is history. He'll be playing at our place coming up and we can't wait to host an intimate evening with one of the very best. If you're in Nashville (or not), grab a ticket and join us! Requests will be taken, stories will be told. We can't wait!

OH! and a lucky few can have dinner with Lou AND Murph before the show!⚡⚡⚡